December 4, 2014
by admin

Most Popular Boy Kitten Names

unique boy kitten names

Name Ideas For Male Kittens

Do you know it’s easier to find boy kitten names than for its female counterparts? If you’re looking to find the best name for your cute or not-so-cute cat, whether you found him in the streets or brought him from the pet shop, you want to give them a name that best fits them. It may be difficult at first, but all the effort will pay off in the end once you give them a name that they can be proud of.

Unexpected names like Sharky and Hairball are both interesting. You may want to give them a name based on how they look or their habits, either because you find it affectionate or to someday tell your friends the story behind it. He may look like a naughty kitten with sharp eyes and shark looks or swallow hairballs many times in a day, both these names are unusual yet share their own stories.

Tom, Sylvester and Felix are three of the most famous cartoon cats out there. You can find several most popular cat names online, where you can get ideas from. Another great idea is to use names of famous real people like Hollywood celebrities or politicians. Does your cat show a bravado look or a boyish charm? You can try Marlon. Is he a naughty street fighter? Rambo. Is he aloof and lonely-looking? Mr. Vincent van Gogh. Keep the creative juices flowing and be witty, you may find the best cat names out of your sense of humor.

You can base your cat’s name from Disney characters as well. Is your cat fat and naughty? Try Pete from Disney’s Mickey Mouse show. Is he brave, charming and strong? Lion King’s Simba is a great choice. If he’s less nice and more of an aloof, wise yet antagonist cat, add Scar to your list of possible choices.

You may want to use Disney as a reference, but don’t like copying names from Disney’s cats, check out their famous line of princes and lead characters. Think of him as a prince? Try Prince or Philip. A white, snow-colored kitten may give you Olaf. A playful cute-eyed cat may give you Stitch, Mike Wazowski or Winnie.

Aside from the looks and names of celebrities, you may want to base their name on their behavior. Does your kitten climb on trees? You can call him Monkey. If you don’t mind following the crowd, you can name your cat Catnip or Stripey. If your kitten loves wrestling with others, you may want to name him Fighter, Cena or The Rock. These latter two are stage names of famous people that you may find as one of the many unique male cat names around.

I personally wish you the best in looking for the best name for that little guy. It might be tough at first, but you’ll find it all worth it. Just remember to keep the creative juices flowing, limit your choices through the categories and choose a name that best fits your cat even when they age.